1. The machine is tested and approved by Punjab agriculture university Ludhiana.
  2. The machine is fabricated drills  rigid frame, heavy duty Gear box and dupex side chain drive.
  3. Rotter speed 210 rpm to 540 rpm.


  1. Manufactured in 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet
  2. Suitable for upto 45 Hp Tractor.
    This rotoseeder has 2 boxes on its top for seed and fertilizer.The machine has sides chain drive with heavy gear box.
  3. Numbers of blades.

    width 6 Feet-48 Blades
      7 Feet-54 Blades
      8 Feet-60 Blades
    Rotter speed -210-540 RPM

  4. Fitted with spring loaded leveling Bonnet and side disc attachment.